Sweet Eats: The Juice Box, New Haven

As I made my way down Chapel St towards The Juice Box, , I instantly visualized Rory Gilmore promenading along this very same road with a friend as she babbled on in her 5 words per second banter that she’s fondly known for, only stopping for a minute to order a cold brew coffee at The Juice Box counter. It’s reminiscent of a Brooklyn style green juice spot where the gang from Friends would congregate and chit-chat the day away over avocado toast and a few rounds of almond butter açai bowls. An instagrammer’s dream for aesthetically pleasing content and a health nut’s dream for delicious smoothies, green juice and grab-n-go bites (always vegetarian with vegan and gluten-free options), The Juice Box is my current favorite for all things  gut-health indulgent.

Sasha Zabar (yes, that Zabar), Max Young and Sammy Chamino are the  masterminds behind this new, yet already popular, juice spot. Growing up in New York where the food scene is rapidly expanding, these health food gourmands saw growing potential in the Elm City market.

There are many things said about juicing. Haters will say that juicing of any kind is bad because all nutrients are lost through the juicing process. The juices at The Juice Box are cold-pressed and never heated, thus keeping the nutrients in tact (bye haters).

As we learn more about how an abundance of sugar can negatively effect our bodies, it’s great to know that Sasha (the chef de cuisine) does not add extra sugar or ingredients to his juices (what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle). In addition to cold-pressed juices, you can also get gluten-free avo toast with pickled red onions, smoothies, grab-n-go bites such as kelp noodles, energy balls covered in cacao nibs and watermelon jerky! Click here to view the full menu.

It’s great to go into a juice bar and meet the owners and see that they are extremely passionate about how eating a diet filled with plants and whole-foods can positively impact our health and wellbeing.

What sets these guys apart from every other juice bar, you ask? Well, I think with their minimalist decor and relaxed (yet proficient) knowledge of healthy foods, they’re approachable. They care about using real and whole ingredients. It’s not about the bells and whistles…it’s about good food. They care about where their food comes from and that in turn will pique your interest (if it wasn’t piqued already).

The Juice Box is a place my generation and younger can go and feel like we’ve found our tribe (as cliché as that sounds). It’s not just “another juice bar”, it’s a lifestyle.

The Juice Box

1092 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06510



I was provided a complimentary meal for review. All content and opinions are my own.

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Sweet Eats: Green & Tonic: Westport, CT | Review

green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT

I recently took a trip back home to Connecticut to visit family and friends and to get some suburban relaxation. I know people always hate on Connecticut due to the fact our highway, I-95, is so long (93 exits to be exact) and boring. While I can’t argue that fact, I can argue that Connecticut is far from boring. I grew up there, I had my first boyfriend there, met all of my best friends there (who 18 years later are still my best friends) and I had the time of my life growing up there. Not everyone has a deep connection like I do with this quaint state, I get that, but hopefully I can get a few of you to see the beautiful state of Connecticut the way I’ve seen it growing up, and how I still see it when I go back and visit.

Now this isn’t a PBS special on all the ways Connecticut is worth visiting, rather, this is a post about an amazing green juice place I found during my last visit. I try and eat healthy as often as I can, you know, balance. It’s so easy to do so when I’m home in the city of Boston, but when I go back to Connecticut to visit family, the green juice places (I’m talking organic, non-GMO type places) are hard to find.

green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT

So, I found myself driving down the winding, tree-lined roads of the gorgeous town of Westport, the colors of autumn dancing in front of my eyes and the crisp New England air whipping through my hair. The destination: this bright and inspiring shop called: Green and Tonic. Why inspiring? Well, as soon as you walk into the door and take a look to your right, you see a wall filled with catchy sayings and words (“food should taste good naturally” or “consider how your food dollars shape the future of our food system”) that make leading a life filled with organic, plant-based and whole foods even more desirable. Looking around the shop you see merchandise, books, green juice (obvs) that they make, cold-pressed and ready to serve, vegan salad bowls, vegan soups, vegan wraps and much more (check out their menu, here). They also have have local honey, body oils and scrubs, boosters for brain & memory, sinuses and digestive health. I was in clean-eating heaven.

green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT

The staff was very knowledgable as to what I should add to my smoothie and acai bowls, which they have an array of smoothie and acai combinations to choose. I got the Zenergy superfood smoothie, which has Matcha Green Tea, Banana, Spinach, Almond Butter, Coconut Mylk, Cinnamon, Bee Pollen. I also got an acai bowl topped with granola, banana, goji berries (my favorite!) and blueberries. Sooooo good!

green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT
green and tonic-Westport,CT

Besides the juices and smoothies, I’d also recommend the lemon miso soup, the spicy avocado wrap and the delicious (tastes like the real thing) taco salad. All of the things I’ve mentioned are vegan and gluten-free!

So, ladies and gentleman (especially those who say “CT is boring”), take a pit stop in Westport and visit the folks at Green and Tonic; eat in, or take your healthy bites to go, you won’t be sorry. It’s time to take back your health.

Check out their other locations as well:

        Cos Cob, CT

 7 Strickland Road

Cos Cob, CT 06807


 85 Railroad Ave

Greenwich, CT 06830


 1098 Boston Post Road

Darien, CT 06820

New Canaan

 5 Burtis Avenue

New Canaan, CT


 17 Jesup Road

Westport, CT

I was provided a complimentary meal for review. All content and opinions are my own. 

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Sweet Life: Weekend Recap | Beautiful Boston

Here is my weekend recap for this past week/weekend, (5/19-5/22). It started off with a pick me up from Mother Juice at the Boston Public Market. I am committed to this life of balance and to kick start this commitment, my boyfriend and I are doing my own version of the 7-day clean program.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

As part of my new “A Balanced Life” series that will be starting up this Saturday, I interviewed my new friend, Gabby Mbeki, of First and Warren (can’t wait for you guys to read her inspiring interview!) at this lovely little coffee shop, Render Coffee. We all know I am not a coffee girl, so I got a delicious iced tea instead. The space is just gorgeous. The art on the wall is amazing and provided me with great gallery wall inspo for my apartment. It’s also a great space to hold some kind of blogger event (hmmmm….).

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Sweet Eats: Go-To Green Smoothie Bowl ft: Ashley and Katie Hess (ThePartyof2)

You guys thought I was just spewing out words when I wrote about going on this quest for serious balance  in my life, huh? Nope! I’m getting genuinely serious about my health and am ready to open up my mind, body, soul and wallet to ensuring I live this balanced life I always talk about living. It was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to collaborate with Ashley and Katie Hess of The Party of 2. If you’re following them on Instagram (if not, what the heck are you waiting for?!), then you know their feed is not only aesthetically pleasing due to it’s perfect curation of their travels and outfit posts, but they’re also pretty big foodies too!

I admire that they seem to lead a balanced life when it comes to their food choices and workout routines (check them out on snapchat too! @thepartyoftwo) and was stoked to get the scoop on their favorite go-to green smoothie bowl for all of my readers to try at home.

So without further ado, take it away ladies!…..


(A+K): We all have those nights of overindulgence. Maybe you had one too many martinis or stayed out a few more hours than intended or than your head would have liked the next morning. Whatever the case, we’ve got your quick fix for finding your center of balance again. When it comes down to it, food influences the way we feel and can act as our greatest medicine when we choose to let it. So whenever we feel that our bodies are in need of a little lovin’, we pull out our blender, turn to our refrigerator, and go diving. The result always tends to take some form of an energizing smoothie bowl, but the one we’ve concocted here tends to be our most often made. Check out the recipe below and try your hand at our greenest go-to!
Go-To Green Smoothie Bowl:
Serves 1:
– 1 cup unsweetened almond milk or coconut water (milk is creamier option of the two)
– 3/4 frozen banana
– 1 cup chopped, frozen kale
– 1 scoop of vanilla vegan protein powder (we like either Sun Warrior or Garden of Life)
– Pomegranate Seeds
– Chia Seeds
– Dried Mulberries
– Flax Seeds
– Dried Goji Berries
– Hemp Seeds
– Frozen Blueberries
– Fresh Raspberries
– Granola (we mix grain free granola by White Lion Baking Company and Back Roads)
– Powdered Peanut Butter


1. Pour almond milk or coconut water in blender. Place banana and kale in next, and add scoop of vegan protein powder. Secure the top of the blender so you don’t have a mess of green slime all over your kitchen.
2. Blend on high for about a minute or until smooth. Make sure you blend well, no chunks allowed.
3. Pour into bowl.
4. Top with your favorite seeds, granola, nut butter, and fruit. Grab spoon, take it to the face, and resist using your finger to lick the bowl.
*All ingredients are organic*


Thanks Ashley and Katie for sharing your go-to green smoothie bowl! I feel healthier just looking at the pictures. Try your hand at making this bowl and tag @thesweetsceneblog on Instagram! I’d love to see your different creations.


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