Sweet Soul: A Balanced Life | Ashley and Katie Hess

As a verb, balance is defined as: “to keep or put (something) in a steady position so that it does not fall”. As a noun, balance is defined as: “an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.” When it comes to my new series “A Balanced Life” I have chosen a few lovely ladies to feature that I believe embody what it means to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. These women inspire me to keep buying organically (even if it is more expensive and some people just don’t get it), to keep working out (even if it is the first time in my life I am getting fit in a healthy way) and to keep up the positive attitude and energy.

If you are a sartorial connoisseur (or like to think that you are), then I’m sure you have heard of the Hess twins, aka Ashley and Katie Hess, aka @thehesstwins. And if you are an avid reader of my blog, then you know these two have been featured on here before! (check out their smoothie bowl recipe here!).

They are Boston (NYC, LA, ACK and beyond) based bloggers who have an extensive arsenal of words, just as much as they have a deep knowledge fashion and style. I’m pretty sure they can out-wit the wittiest of them all, all the while looking effortlessly chic while doing it. Their website (Thepartyof2.com), bookmarked on my Mac under “Fav Sites/Blogs”, keeps me up to date on known and unknown labels as well as pop culture. I could probably go on and on about these two, but I will spare myself from looking like a fan-girl (even though there is nothing wrong with giving props to a fellow Girl Boss), and let you read their Balanced Life interview below!

ashley and katie hess balanced life series

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Sweet Soul: A Balanced Life Series

pretty hurts

It comes as no surprise to those who read my blog on the regular that I am now starting a Balanced Life Series. I’ve talked about it here, and then collaborated with the lovely girls of ThePartyof2 on a balanced recipe here.

Although I am a food blogger and instagrammer who likes to eat at the hot spots in Boston and beyond, I’m taking my blog further and starting to focus on balance and happiness; as well as positive body image and inspiration. Too often we are bombarded by images in the media that tell us we need to look a certain way or have a certain “thing” (whether it’s physical or costs $25,000.00) in order to be happy, and sadly it becomes “bible” to some young women, men and older people as well. Trust me, I’ve fallen victim to the brain-washing of it all and developed an eating disorder for many, many years. (read here)

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