Sweet Eats: Quick Meals | Chicken Stir-fry

If you’re like me, then you have days where you can’t be bothered with making an elaborate meal. Having a quick and easy go-to recipe in your recipe arsenal is something that will come in handy during those nights.

One of my go-to, quick and easy meals is my chicken stir fry recipe! It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to make and is healthy and delicious.


What you will need

– diced, boneless, skinless chicken breast


-mixed veggies


-Salt and pepper


-diced onions


(Your chicken should already be cleaned and seasoned..if you’d like a post regarding how to properly clean and season chicken, leave a comment below!)

Cook your pasta (directions should be on the back of the box) and drain.

Run under cold water to stop the cooking process and set aside.

In a pan (or wok, as I used), add EVOO, garlic and chopped onions to add flavor. Stir until the garlic is a golden brown color.

Add your diced chicken breast and cook all the way through. Add your mixed veggies (let simmer about 10 minutes, infusing all of the flavors together)

Remove from the stove, and add your already cooked pasta and mix your ingredients together. If you like a little kick, add some Sriracha to the mix.


There you have it! A quick, flavorful and delicious meal!

Question of the Day: What kind of go-to recipes do you have in your arsenal?

Leave a comment below!


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SweetStyle: Braids and Blush


Hi Guys!

Sorry for going MIA for a bit.  As always, I am back! I will be embarking on a new job within a new company soon, and have gained a jolt of creative energy. I have a lot of post ideas in store for        The Sweet Scene Blog and my readers!

Over the weekend, I went home to CT for Father’s Day and also got my braids redone/ freshened up. I’m not sure if you, or someone you know, has braids, but let me tell you….sitting in a chair for 5 hours straight while someone rips away at your scalp is not the most relaxing thing to endure at 8am on a Saturday, but “beauty is pain” as my mother always says. Since I had a new do, I decided to wear some of my newly purchased items…(H&M has an amazing sale going on right now….don’t miss it) and snap a few pics of my blushing summer outfit.

Hope you like it!



Currently, I have an obsession with feathers. I’m not sure why, but all the jewelry I seem to gravitate to in the stores happen to be feather related. I also thought this little elephant was cute, and calming (a great compliment to my “namaste/om symbol” tattoo). The layered effect of my necklaces gave just the right amount of pop to my basic, yet comfortable, outfit. I also scored big by purchasing these wannabe Birks from Target (hello $25 shoes!). A great alternative to the $100+ Birkenstocks when you’re on a tight, tight budget.


H&M top :: Target footbed sandals :: H&M skinnies :: Forever21 necklaces (1 and 2) :: Forever21 sunnies

Question of the day: What was your most painful beauty experience?

Leave a comment below!


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SweetFit: We are Sparta(n)!


This past weekend that I had was one of tests and perseverance. It was one of redefining who I believe I am to myself. I proved to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to, even if I’m cursing the air as I do it!

My boyfriend and I, along with a great group of our closest friends, participated in the #FenwaySprint Spartan Race.

I think after living here for 2 years it’s fair to call myself a Bostonian now, so running my first race (EVER!) at such an iconic place such as Fenway made the day all the more special.

Months leading up the race, I think I talked myself out of doing it a handful of times. I “trained” for only 2 days and every day I told myself all the things that I am not. “I’m not a runner”, “I’m not as athletic as the people I’m doing it with” “I’m not tall enough for the walls” etc etc. Instead of focusing on the positives, “I’m small and swift (Icould Usain Bolt anyone racing at field day in middle school)”, “I’m determined”  and “I love a good competition/ I’m competitive”. I downed myself and made myself feel as if I weren’t good enough.

I think in some way we all do that to ourselves in certain (or multiple) areas of our lives: going up for a new position, gathering courage to talk to your crush, networking with a bunch of other bloggers etc; we find it much easier to harp upon the negatives than celebrate the positives.


(not even half of us who ran)


After the race, I was extremely proud of myself. Yes, it was only a 3.2 mile sprint with 15 obstacles, something an avid runner would fly through in their sleep (the fastest time was 26 minutes 0__0), but for me it was a big deal. I solidified all the positives I thought about myself and washed away all of the negatives.

Another great part about Saturday was the fact that I created a memory with a crew of people I love and admire, each one inspiring in their own way.

We all went to my friend’s parent’s house afterward and had a great meal (pasta, savory meatballs, sausage and peppers, GUACAMOLE!), some delicious cocktails and plenty of belly laughs.

IMG_2324 IMG_2325 IMG_2327 IMG_2326

To me, that is what life is about: accomplishing things you never thought you would or could and celebrating those moments (over a delicious meal) with the people you love.


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SweetFit: BootCamp & Barre Class

I am a girl who loves to eat wholesome food. I am also a girl who wishes she were able to run 3 miles 3 times a week…and enjoy it.

I’ll admit, I am not an avid fitness junkie, but my #loveyourbody mantra not only includes eating right, it means staying active too! So I’ve decided to sign up for the upcoming Spartan Race at Fenway, and what better way to kickstart training than with a bootcamp/barre class?

Earlier this week, my good friend and I signed up for the class put on by Eventbrite Boston. A bunch of us women put on our best and bright work out gear, grabbed our yoga mats and made our way to Athleta on Newbury St.


I did not know what I was getting myself into. The night consisted of amazing music by a live DJ, high intensity work-outs and lots and lots of sweating. The instructor, Meaghan Scannell, was up-beat and made each move look so easy; like she was a gazelle moving across the wooden floors.

After an hour, and every muscle in my body (muscles I didn’t even know I had) stretched and toned, the sweating part concluded.

After the work out, we were treated with little tastings by 2 of my favorite organic companies, Sweetgreen and Organic Living Superfoods. My friend and I tasted (and then re-tasted for good measure) everything; Sweetgreen salads and an assortment of all the raw & organic options Organic Living had to offer. I even tried mulberries for the first time!

IMG_1562 IMG_1566

We then washed it down with my new favorite juicery: CocoBeet! They offer raw, vegan and gluten free options. Cold pressed juices, salads, vegan sandwiches and breakfast bowls are some of the items that you can purchase. Interested in going on a juice cleanse? They offer a program for that as well!

IMG_1588 IMG_1630 IMG_1631

Have any of you tried a barre class? Tell me what you thought of it! What other work out classes/ routines do you do?

#thesweetsceneblog and #loveyourbody on twitter, and don’t forget to mention me! @thesweetscene


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