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When it comes to eating healthily, doing your research and always being prepared are some ways to stay on track with your new lifestyle. Notice how I said lifestyle, and not diet. A diet has a negative connotation as sort of  a “get rich skinny quick” scheme, while a lifestyle is a change that you plan to carry with you for the rest of your life. 

One way to be prepared is to have an arsenal of quick and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is nothing more frustrating than making this decision to better your health but falling short because you don’t know what to make (besides bitter kale salad) or what you make turns out to be bland and boring. Once you’re in that space of frustration, then you start to feel restricted into this “diet” and thus starts the vicious and unhealthy yo-yo diet cycle.

As my good friend Lauren said, “the more food you find that you like, the less restrictive it feels to eat healthily.”

One thing that used to throw me off my game was lack of healthy snack options. I’m sure many of you can relate to that and might still be struggling with this, so I have created a few Grab n Go ballz for your healthy snacking pleasures. You can follow my recipe, or tweak it with a few ingredients you love! (coconut shreds, ground pistachios, figs, berries etc).

**These are best served for a dessert type snack as they can be a bit sweet.**

Peanut Butter Cacao-y Wowie

makes 5-10 (depending on how large you roll them)

3 Pitted Organic Medjool Dates

1 cup Bob Mills ground oats

1 tbsp cacao powder

2 tbsp Justin’s Peanut Butter

1 tbsp ground flax seeds

add 1 tbsp of ingredients and water into a food processor and pulse until it becomes a clumped consistency

Roll it in some cacao nibs

place in the fridge or freezer so it hardens and eat later!

Vanilla Oat Ballz

makes 5-10 (depending on how large you roll them)

3 Pitted Organic Medjool Dates

1 cup Bob Mills ground oats

1 scoop Garden of Life Vanilla protein powder

1 tbsp ground flax seeds

add 1 tbsp of ingredients and water into a food processor and pulse until it becomes a clumped consistency

Roll it in some regular oats

place in the fridge or freezer so it hardens and eat later!

Green Machine

makes 5-10 (depending on how large you roll them)

3 Pitted Organic Medjool Dates

1 cup Bob Mills ground oats

1 scoop Garden of Life Vanilla protein powder

1/2 scoop Garden of Life Raw Protein and Green powder

15 drops of chlorophyll

1 tbsp ground flax seeds

add 1 tbsp of ingredients and water into a food processor and pulse until it becomes a clumped consistency

place in the fridge or freezer so it hardens and eat later!

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Sweet Recipe: Grandma’s Home-made Apple Turnover

linda mckenzie the sweet scene blog

When it came time to apply for college it was a no-brainer that for my entrance essay I’d write about my late grandmother, Linda McKenzie. It might seem like a trite subject to write about, but when you had the blessing to have a woman like her as your grandmother, to instill values and morals into your core, you’d be remiss not to honor her legacy and illustrate it on paper every chance you get.

Besides being a boss at everything she did (immigrated to NJ from Jamaica and built a life for her family from the ground up), she always had an abundance of love for her family. One way that she showed that love was by throwing down in the kitchen. She used to make my older cousin, Scott, and I a warm dessert of crisp apple turnover topped with vanilla bean ice cream. It might sound simple (because it is), but any time I hear or see apple turnovers I automatically think of my sagely grandmother in her muumuu dress, sashaying around the kitchen as she whipped up edible magic.

Being that it is National Apple Month, I decided to make my grandmothers Apple turnover dish and share it with you guys! I hope that when you make it, you think of someone that you love and cherish.

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Sweet Eats: #FREEBRADY | Extra Crispy Korean-style Wings!

Summertime in New England has come to end. The times of sitting by the water taking in some Vitamin D as you eat a big plate of fried “catch of the day” is over ladies and gentleman. Before it all slipped away from us too soon, my boyfriend and I decided to take advantage of what might be the last warm day of the year and headed up to Rockport, MA for a big fisherman’s platter. As we began to anticipate the oncoming crispness of the air (which I actually cannot wait for) and the changing of the leaves, I realized that football season was just ramping up and the return of the  G.O.A.T is right around the corner!

the lobster pool x the sweet scene blog

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not obsessed with football like some; I don’t have ESPN alerts on my phone and am not a part of a fantasy league, BUT my boyfriend watches sports 24/7, so I think I’d be able to survive a whole football game on the couch with the guys AND know what’s going on.

Anyway, I decided to try my hand at some Korean style wings in order to welcome Mr. Brady back to the field. OCTOBER 9TH #FREEBRADY.

korean wings and the sweet scene blog

The picture above does not do justice to how amazing these wings turned out. (Yes, I know, I need a new lens..I’m working on it.) I love wings, but more importantly, I love EXTRA CRISPY wings. Anytime I go to a restaurant and there is an order of wings coming to the table, I have to ensure that the waiter/waitress knows to tell the chef to make them EXTRA CRISPY.

Some of the best wings made in this fashion are Korean wings, so I did a little browsing and came up with a great recipe! It’s easy, simple and is finger-licking, slap your momma, impress your boyfriend (or tinder date…do people even use that app anymore?) good.

*Just as a pre-cursor, I get all of my groceries from Whole Foods and they are ORGANIC 97% of the time*

What you will Need

  • 3 pounds of wings
  • 2 cups potato or corn starch (add more if needed)
  • grape seed oil
  • organic adobo seasoning
  • salt and pepper to taste

For the Sauce

  • honey (1/2 tbsp)
  • low sodium soy sauce (3 tbsp)
  • Sriracha (as much as you’d like)
  • red pepper flakes (or 1 tbsp roasted red chili paste)
  • brown sugar (1 tbsp)
  • 3 cloves garlic minced

p.f. changs fried green beans and the sweet scene blog

After you have thoroughly cleaned and dried your chicken (drying ensures it comes out crispy, and not soggy), season them with adobo seasoning and mix around in a bowl so all pieces of chicken are covered.

You’re going to need a pot that you’d usually use to boil spaghetti and fill it with 3 cups of grape seed oil. Heat that up while you coat your chicken wings in the potato or corn starch mixture.

Place your first batch of chicken in the pot. Do not crowd the pot with too many pieces of chicken or else they won’t cook properly or evenly. This step will take a total of 12 minutes. Cook on each side for 6 minutes.

Remove from the pot (place on a paper towel to soak up the oil) and cook the next batch the same exact way. After the 2nd batch is complete, you can add your original 1st batch for an additional 6 minutes, or until they are to your desired crispiness.

Remove the chicken and place to the side.

Time for the sauce

In a wok, or sauce pan, add your garlic and sauté for about 2 minutes. Once the fragrance of the garlic is deliciously filling the air, add the other ingredients (brown sugar, soy sauce, chili paste and/or red pepper flakes, Sriracha) and bring to a simmer.

Immediately add your chicken (in batches if your pot is too small) and coat.

Then serve!

I’m perfecting this recipe (different sauces, toppings, garnishments), but until then try this standard recipe and be sure to wow your game-day guests next Sunday, October 9th @ 1pm vs the Cleveland Browns.

fried green beans and the sweet scene blog


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Sweet Eats: Go-To Green Smoothie Bowl ft: Ashley and Katie Hess (ThePartyof2)

You guys thought I was just spewing out words when I wrote about going on this quest for serious balance  in my life, huh? Nope! I’m getting genuinely serious about my health and am ready to open up my mind, body, soul and wallet to ensuring I live this balanced life I always talk about living. It was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to collaborate with Ashley and Katie Hess of The Party of 2. If you’re following them on Instagram (if not, what the heck are you waiting for?!), then you know their feed is not only aesthetically pleasing due to it’s perfect curation of their travels and outfit posts, but they’re also pretty big foodies too!

I admire that they seem to lead a balanced life when it comes to their food choices and workout routines (check them out on snapchat too! @thepartyoftwo) and was stoked to get the scoop on their favorite go-to green smoothie bowl for all of my readers to try at home.

So without further ado, take it away ladies!…..


(A+K): We all have those nights of overindulgence. Maybe you had one too many martinis or stayed out a few more hours than intended or than your head would have liked the next morning. Whatever the case, we’ve got your quick fix for finding your center of balance again. When it comes down to it, food influences the way we feel and can act as our greatest medicine when we choose to let it. So whenever we feel that our bodies are in need of a little lovin’, we pull out our blender, turn to our refrigerator, and go diving. The result always tends to take some form of an energizing smoothie bowl, but the one we’ve concocted here tends to be our most often made. Check out the recipe below and try your hand at our greenest go-to!
Go-To Green Smoothie Bowl:
Serves 1:
– 1 cup unsweetened almond milk or coconut water (milk is creamier option of the two)
– 3/4 frozen banana
– 1 cup chopped, frozen kale
– 1 scoop of vanilla vegan protein powder (we like either Sun Warrior or Garden of Life)
– Pomegranate Seeds
– Chia Seeds
– Dried Mulberries
– Flax Seeds
– Dried Goji Berries
– Hemp Seeds
– Frozen Blueberries
– Fresh Raspberries
– Granola (we mix grain free granola by White Lion Baking Company and Back Roads)
– Powdered Peanut Butter


1. Pour almond milk or coconut water in blender. Place banana and kale in next, and add scoop of vegan protein powder. Secure the top of the blender so you don’t have a mess of green slime all over your kitchen.
2. Blend on high for about a minute or until smooth. Make sure you blend well, no chunks allowed.
3. Pour into bowl.
4. Top with your favorite seeds, granola, nut butter, and fruit. Grab spoon, take it to the face, and resist using your finger to lick the bowl.
*All ingredients are organic*


Thanks Ashley and Katie for sharing your go-to green smoothie bowl! I feel healthier just looking at the pictures. Try your hand at making this bowl and tag @thesweetsceneblog on Instagram! I’d love to see your different creations.


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