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As a verb, balance is defined as: “to keep or put (something) in a steady position so that it does not fall”. As a noun, balance is defined as: “an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.” When it comes to my new series “A Balanced Life” I have chosen a few lovely ladies to feature that I believe embody what it means to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. These women inspire me to keep buying organically (even if it is more expensive and some people just don’t get it), to keep working out (even if it is the first time in my life I am getting fit in a healthy way) and to keep up the positive attitude and energy.

If you’re heavy into the health and wellness sphere, then you know or have heard of Kelly LeVeque aka Be Well by Kelly on Instagram. A holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and health coach to people like Jessica Alba, Sanaa Lathan, and Marianna Hewitt, Kelly knows a thing or two about leading a balanced life. You can find some of her expert knowledge on ways to live your healthiest life via her frequent articles with websites such as Chalkboard Magazine, E!News, and Vogue! Without further ado, get to know Kelly LeVeque a bit more below!

What does a Balanced Life mean to you?

To me, a balanced life is about being well – meaning the powerful state of mind that flows when you give your brain and body the food it needs. When you eat a certain way, you stop thinking about food, feel overall more relaxed, and you also don’t crave the bad stuff. Your body then finds its own equilibrium, leaving you balanced and feeling energized.

Do you have an AM and PM routine that contributes to your balanced life?

Every morning I get a sweat in and work out, then drink my Be Well Smoothie. I have a balanced dinner each night that includes protein, fat and fiber.

What is your definition of self-love and positive body image?

Positive body image means truly loving your body and learning how to properly feed it, and not comparing yourself to others.

What are some ways you stay active and foods you eat to achieve a balanced mind, body and soul (favorite work out routines, favorite healthy dish/ snack etc.)

I love a good yoga or pilates sesh and always find the time to lift dumbbells in the comfort of my home. Weight training is the fastest way to build lean muscle and keep unwanted pounds off, so I am a big proponent of weights over cardio.

Words to live by/ favorite quote that has to do with positivity, good vibes or positive body image.

Good things come to those who hustle.

Thanks Kelly for being such a big inspiration. Follow her on her website and Instagram.

I am happy to announce that I have joined the Well Summit team as an ambassador for the Day of WELLness in Boston. Tickets are available now and I have a code for my readers! Enter code: TSSB for money off! I will be interviewing some of the speakers of the event, so stay tuned for more Balanced Babes this week!

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