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Pika Miso Ramen

Located in a somewhat sketchy (and amazing all at the same time) food court of a grocery store, Pikaichi is the first restaurant where I experienced the rich and savory flavors of ramen. Since then I have had ramen from three other Boston locations…I’m hooked. The goal is to try and eat ramen at every single ramen joint in Boston, so I think I might do a ramen series as I go….thoughts? You can follow along via my instagram, here. 

Jigoku Ramen
Fried Tako Balls

Typical to authentic ramen spots in Japan, Pikaichi is very small inside with minimal seating. The staff greets each guest with a traditional Japanese greeting: “Irrashaimase” which means “welcome/come in”.

Service is quick, servers are attentive. The food isn’t fussy, the noodles are made in house and the broth is heavenly. 

Fried Shrimp Shumai

If you like spice, get the Jigoku Ramen. Like your broth with a bit of a nutty flavor? Get the Pika Miso Ramen. Don’t like meat? They can make a vegetarian style ramen bowl for you. The Shumai is perfectly cooked, and I actually enjoyed the Tako balls for a first-timer (though I wouldn’t get them again, as I didn’t finish). 

The first time I had ramen I had leftovers, these days, I clear my bowl clean. You’ll leave feeling full and satisfied, trust me.


                                       1 Brighton Ave, Boston, MA 02134
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