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As a verb, balance is defined as: “to keep or put (something) in a steady position so that it does not fall”. As a noun, balance is defined as: “an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.” When it comes to my new series “A Balanced Life” I have chosen a few lovely ladies to feature that I believe embody what it means to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. These women inspire me to keep buying organically (even if it is more expensive and some people just don’t get it), to keep working out (even if it is the first time in my life I am getting fit in a healthy way) and to keep up the positive attitude and energy.

My third Balanced Babe in this inspiring A Balanced Life Series is Elizabeth Stein, Founder and CEO of Purely Elizabeth. If you are a health foodie, or have ever been in a health food store, then I’m sure you have seen Elizabeth’s granola (and other products) up and down the aisles. Not only is she beautiful, but she inspires those around her to lead a healthful lifestyle. Just as much as she cares about helping others lead healthy lives, she cares about preserving and taking care of the environment. Purely Elizabeth donates 1% of its sales to non-profit companies who make it their mission to take care of the planet, such as: Charity Water and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. If that hasn’t already inspired you to get out there and do more, keep reading below to learn even more about this amazing woman!

The Sweet Scene Blog & Purely Elizabeth (photo via PurelyElizabeth.com)

The Sweet Scene Blog & Purely Elizabeth (photo via Purely Elizabeth instagram)

1. What does a Balanced Life mean to you?

I have 3 “Living Purely” routines that I follow.
1. Moving my body everyday. Whether it’s a serious workout or just a walk around the block, exercise is so good for you not just physically but also mentally.
2. Self care. Though there are always things to be stressed and worried about, I try to balance with self care, whether that means taking
a bath, getting a massage, or simply treating myself to down time.
3. Getting out in nature. This is a big one and especially one that was missing while living in NYC. Getting outside in the mountains just makes all the little things less important. I try to do this as often as I can, usually a couple days a week.

The Sweet Scene Blog & Purely Elizabeth (photo c/o Purely Elizabeth)

The Sweet Scene Blog & Purely Elizabeth (photo via Purely Elizabeth instagram)

2. Do you have an AM and PM routine that contributes to your balanced life?

I actually love cooking early in the morning after a workout and then after work. Morning cooking feels energizing and focused, while after work is more relaxing and therapeutic.

3. What is your definition of self-love and positive body image?
I lead a healthy life because that’s what makes me feel good. I don’t like to follow strict diets or think too much about it. I follow the 80/20 rule in my diet. The 80/20 Rule allows you to not feel guilty for eating that slice of pizza on Saturday night. It frees you from the idea of perfection and allows you to just enjoy every moment of life, because that’s what it’s about, right?

4. What are some ways you stay active and foods you eat to achieve a balanced mind, body and soul (favorite work out routines, favorite healthy dish/ snack etc.)
I like to switch it up with my workouts to keep things interesting and target different parts of my body through a mix of weight training and cardio. I enjoy getting out in nature and hiking or running, I also love taking yoga, spin and barre classes. I always load up on plants and veggies. I try to incorporate leafy greens into every meal. For a snack, my go-to is a smoothie with spinach, organic berries and our Ancient Grain Granola on top.

5. Words to live by/ favorite quote that has to do with positivity, good vibes or positive body image.
I believe life is about enjoying the simple moments, challenging yourself in new ways, and constantly improving.

The Sweet Scene Blog & Purely Elizabeth (photo via Purely Elizabeth instagram)

If you want to follow Elizabeth and continue to be inspired by her journey, then click here to follow her on Instagram!
Stay tuned next Saturday to see our next Balanced Babe of the week!

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