Sweet Soul: Aunt Flo & PMS Bites

If you’re like me and a bad case of PMS means you become bloated and start craving the worst foods (mostly of the sugary and chocolate form), your skin decides to revert back to its pubescent days and your significant other knows to stay far, far away, then welcome to the club!

No, you’re not crazy….the ups and downs of your emotions are normal; but instead of reaching for that snickers bar or the bag of spicy hot cheetos next to your bed, I have something way healthier and way more delicious for you to snack on! PMS BITES

The Sweet Scene Blog & PMS Bites
(photo via PMS BITES instagram)

Started by fellow Bostonian and Shark Tank contestant, Tania Green, PMS Bites has created a natural way for women to fight those PMS symptoms. Did you know that there are over 150 PMS symptoms women experience each cycle, and on average, those symptoms last about 7 to 10 days per month?
Those are a lot of headache, bloating, cramping and irritability filled days and nights. Some of us experience those symptoms worse than the next woman and it SUCKS!

The Sweet Scene Blog & PMS Bites

Taken directly from the PMS Bites website:
“PMS Bites are chocolates perfect for health conscious women who want to satisfy their cravings, but are unwilling to sacrifice nutrition. All bites contain gluten free, all natural, vegan ingredients, and herbs that are known to help reduce PMS symptoms like bloating and cramping. Every bite contains dandelion root, Siberian ginseng, and chamomile. PMS Bites are comfort without guilt.”

I had the pleasure to try out these delicious balls of heaven during my cycle and I can honestly say that it eased my cramping and appeased my cravings. My favorite is the All Kinds of Nuts because it’s crunchy, soft and chocolatey. YUMMMMM

The Sweet Scene Blog & PMS Bites
(photo via PMS BITES instagram)

Head to PMSBITES.com and order a case for that time of the month, or tell your boyfriend to order you some if he wants to avoid walking on egg shells around the house! While you’re at it, follow them on instagram!

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