Sweet Travels: A Weekend in Portland,ME Part II

The last stretch of our Portland weekend found us at 2 breweries: one well known (Shipyard) and one local company (Liquid Riot). Liquid Riot introduced me to my first real glass of kombucha (meaning, there was actual elevated levels of alcohol) and crowned me the reining queen of pool! (Annie, round 2 soon?)

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When in Maine, have Mexican, right? Well, that might not be the saying, but Annie and I decided to grab a quick taco bite at the cleverly named Taco Escobarr in between beer tastings. The décor was very bright and festive, especially in the bathroom. Bring on the margaritas and the dancing woman in a red dress emoji!

I, of course, got fish tacos and a beef taco with a side of margarita. I liked the fact that you could choose what style tortilla you wanted for your taco: soft, crispy or puffy. I played it safe and got the soft, BUT, I will be back to Portland this summer, so there’s plenty of time to try different tortilla variations.

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After lunch we noticed this beautiful piece of art work in a parking lot/alley way and of course had a 30 minute photoshoot…..just the two of us.

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At the shipyard brewery I fell in love with the Sea Dog Sunfish beer and have been on the hunt to find a 6 pack of it around Boston ever since. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried the flavor or if you’ve seen it around the city so I can go stock up.


The mission for our last night in Portland was to try another highly recommended restaurant for dinner, hit up our first ever speakeasy (won’t blog the name or location…you’ll have to find it for yourself) and then shimmy our way to a Portland style club to dance the rest of the night away. We successfully accomplished all three tasks with ease.

After heading back to the hotel and putting on our not-so-Portland, going out outfits (I had on all black, a leather jacket and fur vest….talk about sticking out), we headed to Green Elephant for some yummy vegetarian cuisine. I wasn’t too hungry, so all I got was edamame and spring rolls, but everything on the menu (and what I had) was everything a vegetarian or vegan could ask for. The ambiance of the restaurant was very calming, especially with our server who was ecstatic when I told her she reminds me of  Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.


I discovered that I am a fan of white beer, specifically Allegash White.


Some of the best spring rolls I’ve had (and I have had my fair share).

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The next morning I was sad, yet excited to leave the hotel on our last day; sad because it meant we were leaving the gorgeously, quaint city of Portland, but excited because it meant it was brunch time at another highly recommended restaurant: East Ender!

When there is a line of hungry customers waiting (more like hovering/stalking) 15 minutes before opening, then you know a restaurant is going to blow your tastebuds away. That was the case at East Ender in Old Port, Portland, ME. I finally got my hands on legit chicken and waffles, and it was beyond amazing. The waffles were crispy and melted in my mouth like air. I basically said those exact words when I took my first bite “It’s like eating crispy air!”. The fried chicken was a commonwealth farm 1/2 chicken accompanied by syrup, hot sauce and butter. My mouth is watering just thinking about it all. I cannot wait to go back and re-order it again, definitely highly recommended by The Sweet Scene.

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Just before we hopped on the highway to head back to Boston, we stopped at Fort Williams Park and took in the beautiful New England scenery. I definitely wish we explored this part of Portland a little bit more, but luckily summer hasn’t started yet, so there is plenty of time to see what else Portland has to offer.

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What are some of your favorite Portland, ME restaurants, shops or sites to visit?

Leave a comment below!


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    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment and for reading. It was my first time in Portland and even though it’s small, there’s still so much I want to go back and see. Taco Escobarr is definitely a favorite.

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