Sweet Travels: A Weekend in Portland, ME Pt. I

As you can tell by my indisputable title, I recently road-tripped it up to Portland, ME with my friend Annie this past weekend. Before hitting the road we had to stop and get a late breakfast at the newly opened Juice Press in Chestnut Hill’s, The Street. It was all that I’ve imagined it would be and more. I have never been to any of the actual stores in NYC, so to have one finally at my finger tips is both amazing and dangerous (for my wallet).

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With our bellies full of yummy açai and other healthy ingredients your vegan and holistic alter ego would love (unless you already are vegan and/or holistic), we hopped back into my car; with windows rolled down and music blasting, there was nothing between us and Portland but open road. It took us about 2 hours to get from Brookline to Portland and we were psyched to finally arrive and stretch our legs and soak in some sunshine. At first, we didn’t know what to think of this place: “is it a town? or is it a city? it seems so small and quaint! Look at all the tattoos, flannels and beards!”

After quickly checking in and unpacking a few things, we were eager to walk around town and do some exploring. Our first stop: the heavily recommended, “Duck Fat“. We went there for one reason, and one reason only: the fries! I had the Belgian hand cut fries which were fried in duck fat and served with my choice of truffle ketchup. I mean, just with the word “truffle” in that sentence and “fried-in-duck-fat”, you already know the fries were unbelievable.

Annie ordered the poutine and we both had a glass of Allegash White (my new favorite beer and I’m not even a beer fan). Duck Fat is definitely known by locals and tourists alike, so it gets very packed, very quickly. I’d advise arriving earlier than you plan to eat as there may be a wait.

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There was an OTTO about a 15 minute walk away from me when I lived in Brookline and I have never visited not one of the multiple MA establishments. I will admit that the foodie in me did not know that OTTO was born in Portland, but I am happy I waited until I was in its homeland to have my first slice (or 5). The crust was crispy, and each bite literally melted in my mouth.

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If you know me, then you know that I am not a sweets person at all. I barely have candy, or donuts or anything with a sugar content above 10g. Annie heard that The Holy Donut was the most blessed donut place in all of the land, so obviously we had to take a pilgrimage to try some of their donuts. I didn’t get any, but I did have a bite or three of Annie’s sweet potato donut and it was unlike any donut I have ever had (count how many times I’ve said donut).  Secret?: The Holy Donut makes their donuts out of potatoes! Mind. Blown.

What I have learned is that The Holy Donut makes their donuts out of local and healthy ingredients and I cannot wait to go back to Portland and try out some more flavors and explore this company further.


If you’ve been following along with me via my blog and my instagram account, then you know that I looooooveeee a good green juice. My favorite ingredients to add are: raw cacao, ground flax seed and spinach, as seen here in my “Cacaoy-Wowie” post. Any place I go, I have to have a green juice in my system; usher in Maine Squeeze (….get it ??!). Typical to your neighborhood green juice joint, this place has fruity and green smoothies and green juices as well as boosters (chia seeds, goji berries) and shots (a spicy ginger shot that’ll knock your socks and sinuses off) that’ll make you feel like the healthiest person in the on the block!

They also have a 3 day cleanse which includes wholesome food and juices for a great price! (cheaper than Boston….I wonder if they’ll deliver).

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Did you think this was all I did while in Portland? Ha! Stay tuned for more fun adventures and delicious bites next week for a Weekend Recap of Portland Round 2.

Have you been to Portland, ME? Grow up around the area? Where should I go next? I am definitely going back!


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