Sweet Eats: Brunch Time | Coolidge Corner Clubhouse


A clubhouse:

a building having a bar and other facilities for the members of a club.
  • a building or part of a building used by a sports team, especially a baseball team, as a locker room.

Located in the Coolidge Corner neighborhood of Brookline (get it!), Coolidge Corner Clubhouse is no new kid on the block. It has been around  as long as I’ve been alive! (since 1989). A clubhouse indicates a belonging, when you step into the building you have everything you need under one roof: friendly staff, tv’s galore, crisp-cold beer, and delicious food (that will have you unbuttoning your pants by the last bite). All you need is a great group of friends and an empty belly and Coolidge Corner Clubhouse will take care of the rest.


I have been to this establishment a couple of times with my boyfriend, so when Ashlee (their awesome manager) reached out to me to try out their newly revamped brunch menu, I jumped at the opportunity. We were on day two of moving and unpacking, so it was definitely a nice treat to sip on a couple of cold mimosas and eat some amazing food.

If you’re an OG reader of my blog, then you know I thought I was allergic to eggs, and now I think it was just a bad batch which got me sick. So when I visited Coolidge Corner Clubhouse and saw that they had Huevos Rancheros (something on my foodie bucket list), I had to try it (and see if my egg allergy was real or not). Safe to say: 1. I am NOT deathly allergic to eggs and 2. Huevos Rancheros are amazing!


Another item off of the menu that we had to try was the chicken and waffles. I’ve only had it one other time when I visited my good friend, Leslie, in Chicago (read about my Chicago trip, here). Coolidge Corner Clubhouse adds a twist to this heaping pile of boneless fried chicken breast and waffle goodness: they add hints of cinnamon and vanilla to their waffles giving it an almost cinnamon toast crunch effect. Needless to say, when you go, you HAVE to try it out.

Add a side of bacon and corned beef hash and you have yourself a well rounded, scrumptious and filling brunch spread.


There are plenty more brunch menu items (as well as lunch and dinner) for you to feast your eyes and bellies on: like ‘The Hangover Omelette’ and ‘The Brad Stevens’ grilled chicken burger. So whenever you want to get your monies worth of delicious food and experience a bit of Brookline’s history, head on over to the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse, and bring your whole team with you!

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