Sweet Life: Gift Guide for Him

Another year, another gift guide. This year I’ve decided to dedicate my gift guide to that special guy; whether it be a significant other, a father or a brother, this gift guide is sure to satisfy the man in your life!


We all want our men to look their best, so why not help him by getting him a sleek shaving kit. You can even go a step above and get him one that is made up of natural and/or organic ingredients. His skin is just as important as ours ladies, so educate him on the importance of buying products (even shaving products!) that are free of parabens and other harmful ingredients.

2.Night wear

I am definitely not one who wears sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie when I climb into bed at night; most times I’m wearing no pants and one of my boyfriend’s shirts that hang down to my knees (if you’re sexy and you know it!). With that being said, it’s always nice to make a bit of an effort in sleepwear every once in a while. Getting your boyfriend a warm yet sexy pajama set is always a good idea. Add a nice pack of boxers to the mix and he’s set! Nothing is more unattractive than boxer briefs with raggedy holes in it gentleman!


Ladies, sometimes our men want to drown us out and get lost in their own world of sports or slap stick comedic movies. No, they do not want to sit and talk about their feelings or hear how Kelly said blahblahblah last night, “can you believe it?!”. Getting them noise cancelling headphones or a tablet where they can just escape into their own worlds for an hour or two out of the day will be much appreciated.


Each summer my boyfriend and a bunch of our other friends (who are also couples) and parents pack up the cars and head to the vineyard for a long weekend. This past summer we brought the game Spikeball. When we’re on the beach the ladies usually snack on fruit and chips and sip on wine while engrossed in womanly chatter and the guys try and keep busy. This time around with the addition of Spikeball, the guys literally did not come up for air. They were diving here and there and just giddy with excitement. This will be a hit for a fun summer activity.


Men love beer. Get them a beer subscription

Question of the Day: What other gift ideas for men do you have?

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