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If you’ve ever visited “The Street”, located in Chestnut Hill, MA, then I’m sure you’ve walked into the calming and beautifully simplistic store of Skoah.

Skoah is a Canadian based company with only 2 stores (both in MA) in the US. Starting in Yaletown, Vancouver, founders Chris and Andrea Scott “set out to create a different type of spa experience”- as stated on their website. They had no experience in the spa business, but approached starting Skoah as if they were the customers.

As stated on their website, skoah is a “roadmap for healthy skin” and I firmly agree with that claim.

An added bonus for me is that all of the ingredients are naturally occurring in nature. No parabens or other toxic chemicals are used in Skoah’s products.


I had never been to a spa before, let alone had a facial of any kind up until my Skoah visit. I walked into the doors of Skoah naive, but left very informed. I was greeted by a sweet and mellow receptionist who made me feel right at home, offering water, as I waited for my appointment with Kit.


Kit greeted me and led me to my room where the facial would take place. She answered all of my annoying questions in regards to skin care and left me to get undressed and wrapped in the warm and very clean bed for my session. During my facial, Kit examined my skin and gave me a customized skin diagnosis. She let me know that although my skin was great, I did have some dryness. I explained to her my skincare process and she let me know what not to do and what to do more of. She suggested I use a night cream to add a bit more moisture into my face. No pressure was put on me to purchase an item and I loved that.

I hate when I go into a store and feel pressured and guilt tripped into buying things. Also, the knowledge that Kit had in regards to skincare influenced me into purchasing the night cream and body cream even more.


Kit also took her time, which mattered to me. She didn’t rush my facial and didn’t get annoyed with my questions. She slowly massaged my upper chest and shoulders and cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized my face to the point I almost fell asleep with how relaxed I was.

FYI: One new thing I learned was that an exfoliant doesn’t necessarily need to be a harsh scrub, but can also be a thin (almost liquid) mask (which you leave on for a period of time and then remove) as long as it is removing dead skin from your face.


I’ve been using the night kream and body kream for a few days now and love it! The body kream smells amazing with hints of vanilla to give you a calming effect. The skin kream definitely makes my face feel hydrated and supple. It isn’t greasy and my skin does not feel congested at all.


If you live in the area, or will be in the area, I would definitely check out the Skoah store in Chestnut Hill. Schedule your next facial with them and ask for Kit, she’s amazing.

Question of the day: What is your daily skincare routine? Are you getting enough moisture?

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