Sweet Life: #SweetEatsChicago Part 2 | My Weekend in Chicago

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The first thing I noticed after I left the airport was that Chicago’s trains (affectionately called the “L”) were so clean. Obviously it wasn’t eat-off-the-floor immaculate, but the floors of the train were so clean compared to the Ts in Boston. Also, the streets were just as clean. I don’t remember seeing a leaf or a crumpled piece of paper on the sidewalk or road. The air was crisp and my allergies were non-existent. Life was good.


Saturday, Halloween, turned out to be cold and rainy, but that didn’t stop my friend and I from heading out onto the streets of Lincoln Park. We hit up a costume store in search of an aqua blue, Kylie Jenner-esque wig, since she was supposed to have been my muse that night. What I ended up being was a mix of Kylie, Nicki and whatever other completely incorrect guesses I received that night. I should’ve just stuck with our costumes from the night before, Party animals who were out to purge (as in the movie).

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Sunday is when I got to see downtown Chicago aka The Loop neighborhood. We took the brown line downtown and made a stop at Hi-Vibe,

“an urban superfood juicery, committed to providing its customers the highest quality organic ingredients in a convenient, contemporary setting”.

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They have organic cold-pressed juices which can be combined into one of their amazing cleanse systems (check my post on why detoxing is important!), mylks and shakes, acai and pitaya bowls and many other healthy and organic snacks and bites.

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I needed something to detox my system after the weekend, as well as boost my immune system, so I opted for the Apple Thieves and Skinny Genes cold-pressed juices. Chugged those babies down so fast, they were that good! I mean, Hi-Vibe, if you want to open a store in Boston, I would not be opposed!

Next up! The Bean. Everyone knows that when you’re in Chicago, especially for the first time, you must check out the bean. Interesting fact, the bean is actually not a bean at all: read about it here!

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The afternoon was winding down and our legs were getting tired, so we stopped at Lyfe Kitchen for a late and healthy lunch before we headed back to Lincoln Park to watch Sunday night football and relax.

IMG_5945 IMG_5947 IMG_5948According to their website, Lyfe only serves quality food using locally and sustainably sourced ingredients whenever possible. A company that uses ingredients based on what is in season, Lyfe also uses organic whenever possible, local fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs and spices, vitamin-rich whole grains and responsibly raised meats!


Before hopping on the brown line to head back home, we stopped at the famous Garrett’s popcorn to grab a bag of their to-die-for popcorn flavors. One word: AMAZING!

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There are still SOOOOOO many places I need to see and restaurants I need to visit, so I’m definitely going back to Chicago next year!

Question of the day: What places should I visit on my next trip?

Leave a comment below!


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