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(photo via Life Basics Organics)

98% of the time you can find me drinking water. I do not drink soda, or juice etc, unless I have a rare mixed drink. The only other beverage I consume is red (and sometimes white) wine. Although I love drinking water as it is refreshing and great for my body and skin, sometimes I want to drink something else!

Life Basics Organics is a new organic tea company which was founded by Indra Chatterjee and Sushma Chatterjee after Indra’s mother died of cancer. They wanted to provide others, and themselves, with the necessary tools to live an organically healthy lifestyle, free of processed products or harmful chemicals. A bee friendly product, Life Basics Organics is a delicious tea line which motivates their users to want to lead a wholesome and healthy lifestyle.

We combine the wisdom of food traditions with modern day knowledge to make products that uplift the wellness and consciousness of humanity. -Life Basics Organics

Honey Bees are essential to producing the world’s food supply, so we go beyond Organic and Non-GMO, sourcing our product ingredients from pristine farms that are totally chemical free. #BeeFriendly- Life Basics Organics

I was lucky enough to be asked to try out some of their new teas:

DSC_1209 DSC_1215 DSC_1213

 Currently, the folks at Life Basics Organics are looking to grow and spread their message and delicious teas with even more people!

That’s where you come in!

Please visit their Youtube page and watch their video where you can learn even more about this amazing company and the awesome people behind it. After that, please visit their indiegogo page where you can learn more on how you can contribute and help this company go global! When you make a donation (depending on the amount) you will receive a thank you gift! Check it out.

I wouldn’t recommend something if I didn’t think it was worth it, so definitely check out the links above, and if you want to try it our for yourself, here are a few places where you can purchase a bottle (or 6!).


(photo via Life Organics Basics)

Question of the Day: What is your favorite tea flavor to drink?

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