Sweet Life: My Foodie “To-Eat” List

We’ve all done it, made a short handed list of all of the things you have “to-do” that day, or the places you’d like to visit etc. Well, in a foodie’s life, a “to-do” list is basically a long list of restaurants to visit and food festivals to partake in.

shojo thrillist

(photo from thrillist.com)

shabu b globe

(photo from Boston Globe. Shabu & Mein)

I keep my list on my phone where it is easily accessible as I visit places and check them off, or read about a new restaurant that is a “must try!” and add it on. Instead of keeping it on my phone, I’ve decided to put it on my blog for all of you to see and for all of you to hold me accountable in checking these places off of my list. Some of these are fairly new, but some I should’ve had checked off my list a loonngggg time ago. (better late than never, right?)

citizen bcm

(photo by Boston Common Magazine)

Foodie To-Eat/ Bucket List

  1. Yvonne’s
  2. Hojoko
  3. Coppersmith
  4. Totto Ramen
  5. Myer’s and Chang
  6. Empire
  7. Shojo
  8. Henrietta’s Table
  9. Red Lantern
  10. Citizen Public House
  11. Loco
  12. Shabu and Mein
  13. Sapporo Ramen
  14. Life Alive
  15. Jugos

Okay, so I think I’ll stop at 15 for now. Let’s see how many I can check off my list before the year is up!

Question of the Day: What restaurants are on your list?

Leave a comment below!


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