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My boyfriend and I LIVE on groupon when it comes to date night deals. We’re both foodies (hence why I have a food blog), so we like to go out to eat whenever we can. I do love to cook, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about going out to a restaurant and experiencing the ambiance and the atmosphere, the smells and the clanking of the dishes that can’t be felt at home. Anyway, back to the topic at hand here. My boyfriend surprised me with a groupon date to Samba Steak + Sushi in Framingham where we made the most delicious and fresh sushi I’ve had in a while.

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Our teacher, Mika, was very informative and made making a sushi roll look so easy with her quick motions. She did start out slowly for us neophytes, but you can tell she usually can make a roll in 2 seconds flat.

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After watching an introductory video by Chef Ginzu (the mastermind behind the sushi making classes) and after Mika showed us how to make 3 basic rolls (California, Philly and spicy tuna with a twist) and informing us on what the real meaning of sushi is (sour), it was time for us to put what we learned to the test and make our own three rolls.

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Sushi making is definitely an art form. Instinctively you want to be a bit rough with the rice and the folding and the forming, but there is a gentle and delicate technique that goes into it. For instance, instead of patting and pressing the rice onto the seaweed, you want to place it on the ends and gently roll the grains towards the middle. Also when using the bamboo to form the roll, instead of clawing it in a “c” motion, you want to form it using “lobster” like claw hands. (take a class! it’ll all make sense then. Sign up here!)

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Before we knew it we had 3 rolls that tasted AH-mazing, and WE made it all by ourselves! We’ve come a long way from making limp rolls in our kitchen that ended up falling apart on us.

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Need a fun idea for a date night between you and your significant other, click here for a fun and informative sushi making class!

Question of the Day: Have you taken a sushi making class? How did you enjoy you?

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