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IMG_4024When it comes to this topic, I don’t understand why it’s labeled “interracial dating” and not simply “Dating”. As a society we are obsessed with labels and putting certain things into boxes for our own judgmental pleasure, further separating ourselves from one another.

Long ago, dating someone outside of your race was considered illegal and highly frowned upon. Two people with differing ethnicities (mostly blacks and whites) were not permitted to love each other publicly and get married. Many people defied that ludicrous law (most notably Virginia v. Loving) and now that law is a thing of the past.

Although there are far more interracial couples these days, 4.8 million in 2012, racism still exists. In an ideal world racism would be no more, and we would love one another just as we’d want them to love us.
IMG_2614My boyfriend and I met my senior year of college and have been dating for 3 years now. Luckily, we have not experienced any outright racial tensions when people see us together holding hands or kissing. Luckily our family and friends, who are very open-minded about life, don’t even see color; and luckily we did not see color or else I would have never met my soul mate/ love of my life.

God willing, my boyfriend and I will have beautiful children who will be both black and white, and I always think of the values I will instill in them. One thing I will tell them when it comes to love is: just go for it!

Don’t become jaded by all of the hate that you see in the media, don’t become bitter and get consumed in the turmoil. Live your life with love and optimism, with peace and understanding, and you will draw into your life the love you deserve. If it happens to be from someone outside of your race, WHO CARES!

Love is love.

Questions of the day: Have you ever dated outside of your race? What was your experience?

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