SweetEats: Incredibly Easy Homemade Salsa

When a recipe calls for an ingredient or an item that you don’t use too often, it’s almost a guarantee that you will find that said item embedded in the back of your fridge, emitting a particularly putrid odor, letting you know it is way past the “use by” date. There are many options to avoid spoilage and a complete fridge clean out, one of them being: making it from scratch!

When it comes to having an at home fiesta and needing guacamole or salsa, I believe that making your own from scratch is the best option and use of your money.

So, this past Saturday night, due to the fact my stomach seriously no longer likes dairy (my crispy, cheesed up Thanksgiving lasagna is a thing of the past), I decided to make vegan burritos. I’ll leave you with 2 things: a sneak peek picture and my word that these burritos are out.of.this.world amazing! My carnivorous boyfriend even loved it!


I know, looks delicious, right? Well, the recipe for the vegan, butternut, squash burrito will be up next week, so until then, enjoy my recipe for a famous burrito condiment…SALSA!


What you Will Need

-Vine tomatoes (yields more liquid according to Bon Appetit.com)

-Red onions

-garlic (2 tbsp)

-Bell pepper


-White Vinegar (1 cap full)


I am so happy I bought my food processor. It literally is a life saver as it makes it way easier to chop/dice the necessary ingredients for salsas, guac or veggie burgers (recipe coming soon)! It’s also an easy clean up.


In your food processor, you want to combine all of the ingredients and hit the “pulse” function a few times until it is chopped up to your comfort. Give it a squeeze of lime, a dash or two of pepper and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours to settle. Then serve!

If you’d like, you can add some sriracha sauce and mix together for a tinge of spice!

Question of the Day: What other ingredients do you like to add to salsa?

Leave a comment below!


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