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Hello ladies (and maybe gentlemen)!

Welcome to my new series which I will be posting one Thursday a month: “That Awkward Moment”.

Here, you will find different scenarios that we have all been through, ones we can relate to/ feel each other’s pain or awkwardness. You will see how I deal with these funny and sometimes down right embarrassing moments!


If you are or have ever been in a relationship you know there comes a time when you’re unable to be all cutesy, and your body begins to defy you. If men had anything to do with it, women would never fart (or pass gas as we had to say growing up), burp or go #2; we’d basically be I AM ROBOTS. Well, I’m sorry to break it to you men, women do all of the above and it’s better that you grow comfortable with that fact now, so that my fellow ladies can stop having stomach pains from holding it in until the coast is clear!

This is probably going to be TMI, but hey, this is my blog and I’m here to share, inspire and entertain my readers. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years now, and am more than comfortable around him. I think I’m a comfortable person in general, which probably allowed the whole passing gas thing to be easy and painless for us both.

I’ve asked a few of my friends (girls and guys) if they cut the cheese in front of their significant others (for the guys: if their g/f passes gas in front of them) and if not, why? My guy friend said he doesn’t care if his girlfriend breaks wind in front of him, to him it means she truly trusts him, which in turn makes him truly trust her. Then I have my girlfriends who say that they try their hardest not to cut the cheese in order to keep the sexiness alive. They believe men won’t find them as appealing if they let it rip all over the house as it diminishes the sexual desire.

Ladies, I’m sure you’ve had these same exact fears. Well, I’m here to tell you to throw those fears out of a very high window! We’re all adults, and doing something that is natural to our bodies doesn’t make you less of anything. If your significant other looses interest in you or thinks you’re less sexy, then re-evaluations need to be made.

Here are some ways to slowly get comfortable with passing gas in front of your significant other:


First off, you need to be comfortable with yourself and VERY comfortable with whom you’re dating. As my wise guy friend above said, trust is the key. When you’re comfortably passing gas in front of each other, then any mistrusts or walls are completely gone…that’s for sure!

Secondly, announce when you’re about to drop the bomb. Don’t just surprise him with an odor that swiftly fills his nostrils, that’s not a pleasant surprise for anyone. Just yell “Excuse me!” before you let it rip, and keep it moving; there is no need to dwell on it, or make it a big deal.

Lastly, be courteous! Although I support gas passing in relationships, I don’t think passing gas in a rude way is okay. Always say excuse me, and if you feel it’s going to be a killer, then you may need to add several extra feet between you two.

If you need to release one, then do so (I’m not telling you to dutch oven anyone here!). Do not give yourself pains and bloat because you’re scared to be human.

Hopefully this was not only entertaining for you all, but also eased a little awkwardness you may feel on this subject. We’ve all been there, ladies…so just let it rip!

Question of the Day: What is your awkward gas story? Are you for or against it?

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