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Guacamole is something that my palette had to get used to. Avocado tasted bland and watery to me, definitely not something that made me salivate and crave. Honestly, the only reason why I like avocado and guacamole now is because of my food plan during treatment for my eating disorder. In treatment we had to eat what was provided, or we would have to drink a meal supplement. I opted for the less traumatic choice of just buckling down and eating my meal.

I have never made my own guacamole, until now! Let me tell you, it is the easiest thing ever! The ingredients needed are limited, so it’s definitely easy to whip together on a random Tuesday night after a long day at work. You’ll never want to buy an $8 tub of it from the grocery store again!

What You’ll Need

-1 whole avocado

-minced garlic

-diced bell peppers

-diced red onion

-salt and pepper to taste

-EVOO (1 tbsp)

-1/2 a lime

I made the most basic type, but if you want, you can add jalapeños, corn, tomato etc.


I finally bought myself a food processor, and although you don’t need to use this appliance to make your homemade guacamole (all you really need is a fork to mix it with), it’s definitely easier.


Add all of your ingredients to your food processor, and mix it together, adding your EVOO slowly while it chops and mixes.

Remove the mixture from the machine and place it into a bowl, where you will then add your salt, pepper and a fresh squeeze of lime juice. You may also mix it a bit more with a fork to smooth it out.

There you have it! Freshly made guacamole to satisfy all of your chips and guac needs!

Use it as a topper for tacos, a spread for your breakfast toast, or eat it straight out of the bowl!

Question of the Day: What do you like to add to your homemade guacamole?

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