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I bought these flattering pants a couple of months ago while sweeping through H&M on my lunch break. I only had an hour to spare to look for items I liked, try them on, stand in a 10 person deep line and then walk back to work from Copley…tensions were high!

Even though I had so many stressors against me (I kid, I kid..adds for dramatic effect to my story!), I was able to make it out with 2 bags full of H&M goodies; these faux satin pants included.


If my “kid in a candy store” smile up above didn’t give it away already, you can probably tell that I am more than happy with my purchase. It took me a while to finally retrieve them from my closet as I couldn’t find the right shirt or shoes to go with them. I couldn’t pick just a plain white blouse as that was playing it too safe. I also wanted to make sure the shirt played well with my figure and wasn’t too revealing (with age I’m becoming more modest. long ago are the days when wearing a tube top as a dress on a 30 degree night was “sexy”…or was it ever?), especially since the pants aren’t tight and sexy.

Each item was purchased separately with weeks, even month, between them. My shoes are effortlessly chic and almost perfectly comfortable, while my shirt is a perfect color to go with my pants, adding just the right amount of color to my mostly black and white daily ensemble.


The cut of the pants gave a slimming illusion to my thighs, something I hope other brands take note of as I need this in every single one of my trousers.

Listen, I can rave about these pants for another 300 words, but I’ll just leave the link below…check it out and see for yourself. I’m sure they will have you dancing the night away just like I was the night I wore them.


Pants | Shoes | Necklace  (similar)| Shirt  (similar)

Questions of the Day: What are your go to “crazy pants”?

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