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As I delve deeper into natural/ organic beauty products, swapping out my toxic brands for more beneficial brands, I find myself looking for locally made items. I followed Organic Bath on twitter months ago, but never got around to buying any of their products……until now.



Since I have started incorporating Organic Bath’s body scrubs and body butters into my daily beauty routine, I cannot imagine going back to my old habits. My skin tends to scar very easily, any little knick and I can be assured that the next morning there will be a mark that will leave an unsightly scar. Through my research on how to get rid of un-wanted scarring, many blogs and reputable sites recommend using a scrub daily in order to fade dark marks. Normally, I would opt for a body scrub with micro beads, but I learned that those little beads are not great for our environment.

About two weeks ago I placed my first order for Organic Bath products. I ordered the Stress Less Body Butter, infused with 100% organic Lavender essential oils, as well as the Naked body scrub, made with 100% organic Fair Trade Certified Sugar. I was also generously gifted with two other scrubs that add a little pep to my morning: Java Jolt and Zesty Morning.

Since using Organic Bath body butters and scrubs, I have noticed my skin feeling extra moisturized when I come out of the shower. In the past, my skin would dry right up and become “ashy”, but Organic Bath has remedied all of that. The marks/scars on my legs that have been there for years are slowly starting to fade away even more. #winning!


Last week I had the opportunity to attend a launch party at the Highball Lounge in order to celebrate Organic Bath’s Skincare line and their new packaging. If their ingredients didn’t make them amazing already, the fact that they only use post consumer recycled plastic, sets them above the bar. I was able to meet and mingle with other fellow Boston bloggers and creatives (check it out in instagram!), as well as sit down and have a deep and inspiring conversation with Organic Bath’s co-founder, Gianne. Her passion for her brand and organic living is very raw and infectious. She really is a girl after my own heart! (thanks for having me, Gianne!)

IMG_4967 IMG_4970

This post was not sponsored and is all my opinion. If you are interested, definitely check out their site and order a few travel sized scrubs and butters to test it out. You’ll thank me once your skin reverts back to the infant soft skin you once had!

Question of the day: Do you use organic body butters and scrubs? If so, comment with some brands below! I’d love to add new lines to my collection!


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  1. Yay to organic! I really love some of Lush’s scrubs- “Angel’s on Bare Skin” is a excellent one (some of their products do contain parabens but the company is very transparent about which one’s do and do not which is so great).

    1. Thanks for your recommendation. I’ve wanted to try LUSH, but I became wary after looking them up on the Think Dirty app. However, I’m glad they are transparent if they do have items that may have toxic ingredients (like parabens) in them. Very good to know. Thank you Sam!

      1. Yea I’m a little if-y about Lush too but hey its better than nothing right? It can be so overwhelming to keep up on which products truly natural! Definitely requires a lot of research.

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