Sweet Eats: Del Frisco’s Grille

This past weekend was a cloudy, cold and wet one for us here in Boston. Plans of traversing the Charles, outdoor yoga classes, or a quick ootd shoot were quickly replaced with plans of watching Redbox movies and curling up on the couch under a warm blanket with a friend or significant other.

I was pretty happy to have a rainy weekend in, one filled with absolutely nothing to do except sleep in, and finally sort through my piles of clothes that I still needed to put away from my recent move. I would love to say I accomplished more organizational chores rather than catching up on my Youtube videos or DVR’d shows, but I’d be un-necessarily lying to you all.

The one time I left the house was to grab lunch with my boyfriend and his mom. She is such a sweet woman, and loves to take us out to eat every so often. On Sunday, she treated us to a delicious lunch at Del Frisco’s Grille at “The Street” in Chestnut Hill, unknowingly assisting me in checking off one of the many restaurants from my “to-go-to” list.

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I have only heard good things about the Del Friscos brand and made sure to add this establishment to my list. Fortunately for me, the great reviews I heard were proven correct. The atmosphere, décor and food complimented each other amazingly. The staff were very friendly and approachable.

My boyfriend and his mom split a small lobster roll as an appetizer. I had a couple  bites of the meat, but have to face the fact that I am just  not a lobster roll lover. I like my lobster as is, with no mayo or other garnishment to distract from the succulence of the meat.

I had the side of fries that came with it, and those were bomb!

For my main dish, I had the seared Asian ahi tuna salad, bursting with flavors of mango, peanuts, almonds, avocado and ginger-sesame dressing. The ahi tuna tasted fresh and paired well with the other flavors.

My boyfriend had fish tacos that looked amazing. They smelled like the fish had just been caught before being placed on our table. I definitely have to try the fish tacos the next time I’m in the area.


To round out the meal, we did something we never do when we go out to eat. We ordered dessert!. I had been craving something sweet for a couple of days, so I did  not have to have my arm twisted when asked if I wanted any dessert. (yes please!)


We opted for the Nutella Bread Pudding. I never fell into the Nutella craze, but I have no idea why not after digging in to this delectable dish. The Nutella infused bread pudding (mind you, this was my first time having bread pudding) was topped with coffee ice cream and a caramel sauce. Simple and not too fussy, this dessert was crispy in all the right places and melted in my mouth at the right times. A+

If you’re ever in the Chestnut Hill area, stop by The Street for great dining and shopping options!

Question of the Day: What other restaurants should I add my ever growing list?

Leave a comment below!


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