SweetLife: Weekend Recap | Cape Cod Edition

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If you can imagine amazingly picturesque houses with picture perfect gardens, American flags billowing in the wind, while the natives and vacationers alike, head to the local delis as they get their day of lying on the beach, under way, then you have just imagined Cape Cod on the brink of summer.

This past Memorial Day weekend, I accompanied my friend Annie (you’ve probably read her name numerous times on my blog) to her cape house. She grew up on the cape each summer, frequenting the same spots and beaches that has given “the cape” a sentimental meaning in her heart. The way she speaks so fondly of what to me sounded like an imaginary land, I was beyond excited to experience this place with her. Don’t get me wrong, I have been to the cape, but only to catch a ferry to either Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard.

Did you know that the lighthouse on the bag of Cape Cod chips is an actual lighthouse on Cape Cod (Eastham to be exact)….go figure! Obviously I had to do an outfit shoot in front of this subconsciously comforting (mostly for New Englanders) landmark. (outfit post coming soon!)


Other days were spent taking in bay and ocean scenery, eating at a place called Mac’s for their AMAZING burritos, grilling lobsters and corn, eating scallops and clams, drinking grapefruit flavored beers and relaxing. It wasn’t your typical wild Memorial Day weekend, but it was a much needed (short) get away that was definitely necessary in order to unwind.

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One fun fact about me is that I LOVE interior design (typical blogger interest, right?) and love to thrift shop. Annie’s mom also has the same passion and took us to go dump diving….yes, you read that correctly, dump diving. It sounds very unbecoming of three petite ladies to go digging for one person’s trash to be their treasure, but it was AWESOME. On the cape they have a very well organized way for people to dump their trash and recyclables and place their unwanted pieces in a different pile for others to find and put to good use and repurpose. I found some beautiful clay mugs and a window pane that I’m going to do a fun DIY project on for my work space. (yes…I’m going to blog about it).

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After seeing most of what Eastham has to offer visually via old windmills, beaches and lighthouses, I made my mind up that I definitely have to visit a few more times this summer. (Annie, I’m inviting myself over!)

Cape Cod, you’ve stolen my heart!

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…oh yeah, I also ran into Meredith Vieira at a local Stop and Shop. She blended right in; just one of the locals getting her grocery  shop on. (See guys, stars really are just like us!)


Question of the Day: Where is your favorite place to get away for a long weekend? What are your favorite Cape Cod sites?

Leave a comment below!


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