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I know what you’re thinking, what is Hanu Skincare, and why are those labels hand-written? Well, if you’re reading this, then you have just been given the inside scoop on a new, up and coming organic beauty brand started locally right here in Boston! The brand is still in the production and building stages, but will be available for the public very soon! I have been given the opportunity to try the products out before they become purchasable to the public in order to give my readers a great review.

Karen, the company’s CEO, says that Hanu Skincare are

products that are formulated from all-organic, oil-based ingredients that will hydrate, heal and nourish your skin one cell at a time.

Hanu Skincare is made from using a combination of beneficial plant based oils for all skin types. The thing I love about this brand is that each bottle’s contents are made by hand using all organic or wildcrafted oils. To me, that shows that they really care about the effort that goes into each product, as well as their consumer’s health and wellness. Just like all products I use, Hanu does not use ingredients with GMOs, synthetic chemicals or preservatives. The main difference in this brand is their focus on essential and carrier oils.

As stated in the email from the CEO regarding Hanu Skincare:

We blend together a combination of essential oils and carrier oils to make the fabulous skin care products at Hanu. Essential oils are amazingly diverse oils derived from the aromatic portion of plants such as the leaves, bark, and roots, and can be used for medicinal purposes such as skin treatments, aromatherapy, cleaning agents and deodorizers.

A carrier oil is a very unassuming way of describing a category of fabulously beneficial oils. Carrier oils are derived from the fatty portion of a plant–– usually from the seeds, kernels or the nuts. Carrier oils get their name because they are often used to dilute essential and other oils prior to application to the skin.

I was lucky enough to be gifted with the Shaving oil, facial oil (one for normal skin and one for oily skin), chapstick and an under eye oil.

Here are a few of some of the ingredients you can expect to see clearly shown on the Hanu Skincare labels:

Calendula Infused Coconut Oil— Known for it’s many healing properties including collagen production, the Calendula flower can heal dry, flaky skin.

Kukui Oil— From the state tree in Hawaii, it’s powerful penetrating properties and high omega-3 counts are useful in treating dry skin.

Frankincense Essential Oil– Used to treat skin ailments for centuries, frankincense essential oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and astringent qualities.

Lavender Essential Oil—Known for it’s skin healing properties because of it’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender also boosts the flow of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells.


In the second post of this three part series, I will share with you the benefits and differences in my skin by using these (so far) amazing Hanu Skincare products. In the meantime, get social with me and follow along on this Hanu Skincare journey!

Stay Tuned!


Question of the day: What are your thoughts on oil based skincare products?

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    1. nope. they don’t. The brand that I’m using is actually good for acne. But I also use this along with a cleanser that prevents acne, and I moisturize with aloe vera…so that combo might be why I barely see a pimple pop up anymore

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