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Ever since I can remember, in my family, tea was the remedy for everything. My Jamaican mother would give us tea when we had a fever, a sniffle, a cough or a scraped knee (okay, maybe not a scraped knee, but you get the picture). When I was younger I didn’t know that tea had healing properties, I just thought that was what everyone did, drink tea every day.

As I got older, especially now that I’m more interested in what I’m putting on and in my body, I know the healthy and healing benefits of tea.

When Buddha Teas™ reached out to me via instagram I was 1. very excited because this was the first company to recognize me because of my blog and 2. I had an organic tea company to add to my collection!

Buddha Teas™ was started by CEO John Boyd as a way to bring quality natural teas to the world. As stated on the company’s website:

By taking from the earth no more than what we need, and giving back to it through recycling and compostable products, Buddha Teas would strive not to profit from the earth, but to honor it and its many blessings

Even though I grew up a big tea drinker, until I started drinking Buddha Teas™, I had no idea that most companies bleached their teabags. Buddha Teas™ has unbleached teabags and tea that is 100% kosher and has no GMOs, MSGs, artificial flavors and preservatives, or colors; and it is great for the environment as it is 100% recycled and come in recyclable cartons.

Needless to say, I was sold. After viewing their site, John asked me what I liked/ wanted in a tea. I told him I love ginger as it settles the stomach and aids in digestion. Right away he knew which carton to send me: The Tumeric Ginger tea. This tea is a natural source of antioxidants, as well as a great source of protein and fiber. As an added bonus, each tea bag comes with a happy and motivational quote to get your morning going on a high note.

IMG_3990 IMG_3992 IMG_3998


The taste is delicious, unlike any other tea I have experience. It tastes like someone literally walked into a forest and gathered all the natural ingredients from the earth and made the tea right in front of me. I can also attest to the benefits of the fiber (you can never have too much fiber to get the wheels turning).

Currently, I’m on vacation in OBX, NC where the sun is shining at highs of 70, so I have remixed this tea and created an iced tea version to sip on the deck as I watch the waves crash into the sand of the bay.

IMG_3995  IMG_3993

What you will need

-Tumeric Ginger Buddah Tea (5 tea bags)


-a chopped peach


In a pot, I boiled some water (depends on how much you want to make) adding 5 tea bags to steep for 5-7 minutes. I also added a tablespoon of organic, light amber honey.

I added the pot to the freezer to allow it cool down a little faster as we needed to head out the door to explore more of Outer Banks.

After about 5 minutes I removed the tea from the freezer and added a few pieces of the peach and stirred the concoction. I then added a handful of ice to the pot and stirred once again.

In a cute little tight lid container, I added my iced tea mixture, some more ice and topped it off with more peaches.

This recipe is great for those hot summer days to just have handy in your fridge not only for the nutritional benefits, but also for the refreshing taste! (the peaches leftover make for a delicious snack as well)


Follow Buddha Teas™ on instagram and twitter and don’t forget to check out their website for more information on how you too can get some Buddha Teas™ in your life and diet!



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