SweetStyle: Fur on Marathon Monday


2 years ago, I remember being awoken by my mother’s frantic phone call at 5am.

“Turn on the news! Do you see what’s going on? They’re closing in on the Boston Bomber in Watertown, don’t you live there?!”

Yes, I lived walking distance down the street from where the surviving bomber was dramatically captured and witnessed cop cars, ambulances and fire trucks zipping down the closed off road of Galen Street.

Watertown was a ghost town as everyone held their breaths inside of their homes until the sign was given that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured and that the coast was clear.

Fast forward 2 years post bombing and Boston is still strong, most would say we are stronger than ever. @bewatson9 hi-res-535c9d5d975056c23fb3bd66a665d5af_crop_north

Although I was stuck inside of a cement building at work, staring out of the window as the rain fell on the reflecting pool, I knew that just a street over, people were racing for themselves, for those who were slain and who survived the bombing, their families, Boston and for America; and that feeling alone made me proud. Congratulations to all those who ran the marathon! We are #BostonStrong

IMG_3831 IMG_3832

My outfit is  not your typical rainy day outfit. I dressed up for a photoshoot (details to come soon!) that I had planned but was unfortunately cancelled due to the monsoon like weather outside.

Since I was dressed up, why not make my boyfriend take pictures of me, right? This outfit is something I would 100% wear in the rain…cheetah umbrella in tow of course.

It’s comfortable and light yet also provides a warm layer from the wind and rain. As rain boots aren’t the most comfortable for me, I opted for these Forever21 booties with a bad-a$$ stud detailing.

My Banana Republic layered sweater is my favorite part of the outfit as it gives the illusion that I have a dress shirt underneath a deep gray sweater….but guess what, I don’t!

The sweater, paired with my Forever21 necklace and Zara faux fur vest, gives this almost basic outfit a little edge.

IMG_3833 IMG_3834

Zara Faux Fur: I got mine on sale ::: Forever21 Jeans ::: Forever21 Booties– similar ::: Banana Republic Layered Sweater ::: Forever21 statement necklace ::: Totes Cheetah Umbrella

Question of the Day: What is your go-to Rainy Day outfit? Also, did you attend this years Boston Marathon?

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