SweetBeauty: The Bees Knees

My boyfriend likes to make fun of me because I’m sensitive to everything: pollen causes my sinuses to swell up, dairy does NOT agree with my belly, and a small breakout on my skin leaves behind a dark spot that takes expensive products to get rid of.

As I continue to learn more about the food I eat, I’ve also started taking a look at the products I’m using on my skin. Just as much as “you are what you eat”, you’re also what you put on your skin. Harmful ingredients such as parabens, fragrances, and phthalates seep into your skin, potentially being the catalyst for illnesses such as breast cancer and kidney damage.

After reading up on the risks these ingredients pose, I decided to make an effort to use products that are more natural and organic. Mother nature has all of the healing properties we need if we just take a moment to remain patient rather than look for a quick (and potentially harmful) fix. (next I’ll start making my own products)

I wanted a product for my face that would brighten and correct any discoloration in my skin, as well as reduce/ remove dark spots.


I have been faithfully using these Burt’s Bees products for a month (almost two) now, and others have already noticed the difference in my skin. Compliments of my skin appearing brighter and my dark spots fading away are coming from my colleagues at work and my boyfriend at home and  only solidifies the true power of natural products.

Ingredients such as willow bark, honey, daisy extract and jojoba esters work innately together to create a lasting change to your skin.

On my body, which is also susceptible to break-outs and dark spots (especially on my back) I have been using Alaffia’s “Everyday Shea” body wash. (in my favorite scent of the moment: Lavender).

Everyday Shea products are made with about 5 natural ingredients (shea butter soap, leaf extract and plant based surfactants) and are paraben free, vegan, non-GMO, gluten free as well as many other attractive qualities for someone like myself.


This journey of educating myself on the ingredients in the items I eat and use daily is very empowering and rewarding. I will continue to try out different products and live a wholesome life with wholesome and beneficial products.



Question of the day: What natural/organic products do you use in your daily routine?

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