SweetLife: Weekend Recap- 4 states in 24 hours


 My sentiments exactly South Park meme, my sentiments exactly.

We anticipate the weekend and no matter what we do (whether it’s filled with friends, a dance floor and patron shots or we do absolutely nothing) it always flies by in the blink of an eye.

This weekend was no different for myself as I drove through 4 states in less than 24 hours.

I took a megabus (for the first and LAST time ever) from Boston to CT to get my beloved Jett back (that’s the name of my car by the way). The next morning I drove my baby brother (he’s 17, but 2 in my eyes) to New Jersey (briefly passing through NY) to visit his little girlfriend. (Best sister of life award goes tooooooo!……)

I was actually born in New Jersey, so I stopped and visited my old house/ my grandmother’s old house she had up until her death (RIP) and the current residents were kind enough to let me inside.

A few tears (…okay, a lot!) were shed as I looked around and the memories came flooding back. I’ll save a sentimental post about my amazing grandmother for another time.

IMG_3392 IMG_3393

After going down memory lane, it was off to the Garden State Mall. If you’ve never been to this mall and you’re passing through NJ, I would recommend giving it a look around. You’d need to make sure your whole day is free as it would take a whole entire day just to get through all the stores (and crowds) they have there.

1. I fell in love with Anthropologie 


I want this book, this mug with a “J” on it and also this amazing book

2. I finally got to explore LUSH


I bought this deliciously tasting (don’t worry, it’s edible!) lip scrub.

*****I’ll be doing a post on LUSH, along with other organic, or natural beauty products that I’m getting into this spring! Stay tuned for that*****

3. Fell in love with Shoes at Lord and Taylor

I need these: (they only have gold online currently)




and these


and these gorgeous shoes that just scream beach resort

We did eat at a delicious burger and wine restaurant, but that post will be coming up later this week.

Question of the day: How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting? Discover anything new?

Let me know in the comments below or tweet me (@TheSweetScene) and hashtag #sweetsceneweekend


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  1. Whoa! To say you were busy would be an understatement.
    I wasn’t so accomplished but I did find out that I indeed can do 4 style shoots (all different locations) and 3 food shoots in less than 5 hours.

    Times a factor when you have a party to get to 😝

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