SweetLife: Survival of the Fittest: #BOSnow Edition

When it comes to snow, a New Englander is more than equipped to handle it.

We may complain, we may bitch and moan, and we may click our heels together wishing for warmer weather on a far off island somewhere, but these recent snowstorms have broken records, and our heat bills, thus justifying our tweets and Facebook status complaints.

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I can’t speak for anywhere else in New England, but Boston has accumulated (within the last 30 days) up to 7 feet of snow! and we are expected to get even more this upcoming weekend. The T’s have been barely chugging on schedule, resulting in   (Alleluia! An adult snow day)  the mayor shutting everything down like a boss! It has been brutal, but when spring comes, you bet your bottom dollar I will turn into the newly casted Annie with a natural head of hair (The sun will come out, tomorrow!!!).

Now how does one survive being cooped up in a house for 2 or 3 days in a row without going stir crazy?

1. Games

I’m assuming you live with roommates if you are reading this blog. If you don’t, find some friends who live nearby, a family member or 3, and get ready to play some heavy duty competitive games of “Heads Up!”, “Catchphrase” or “Categories”. These will make hours pass by as you’re laughing and screaming at the top of your lungs to have your teammates guess which jungle animal you’re interpreting or trying to guess which female girl group singer starts with the letter “P”.

2. Movies and Wine

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A snow day isn’t complete without a full bottle (or 3) of wine and candles. Set the scene with your favorite candle scent, a huge jug glass of wine and your favorite movie. Now, I am a horror movie lover, so my top choices would be “The Conjuring”, “The Rite” or “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, but you can also do the typical chick flick: “Valentine’s Day” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” if you’d prefer.

3. Netflix and your bed

Now, some people would prefer to sleep in, and only get out of their warm cozy bed to twinkle and tinkle, grab some food from the fridge or check to see if the snow is still falling/ play the guessing game if there will be work tomorrow or not. If you’re that person, then watching Netflix will get you through a snow storm/ snow day just fine. ICYMI, “Friends” is now on Netflix, and you can binge watch every single episode during a 2 day snow storm! Imagine…..you, your comfy bed, fuzzy socks, a tub of ice cream (so what if it’s below 0 outside) and Ross and Rachel’s topsy-turvy love story. Perfection.

Whichever option you choose to get you through a snowstorm, just make sure you are having fun and that there are bottles and bottles of wine on deck.

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