SweetHoliday: Last Minute Christmas Gifts!

This post is for all of you ladies (and men) out there who are just like me: PROCRASTINATORS!

I don’t know why I wait until the last minute to do all of my Christmas shopping, but each year I hate myself for it. The masses of people, clothes in department stores scattered everywhere and that one screaming child who hates his life for being dragged to the mall with his mother (I’m with you kid…I am with you).

This year I finished my shopping 5 days before Christmas Day instead of the day before.

Below, I have curated a few items that you can get last minute for the loved ones in your life!

 man in life

This list is for your boyfriend/husband, brother or your boyfriend’s father.

1. Chinos– darker chinos are the way to go this season, especially wine or burgundy. Fitted trousers are the new 1990s baggy jean

2. Cardigan– hoodies and v-neck tshirts are okay now and then, but when we want our men to dress it up a little bit, a nice, clean cut cardigan does the job

3. After shave kit– I feel like the men of today do not use the whole after shave shaving kit like our fathers and grandfathers did. I think it’s time to bring the old school back with a clean and manly smelling after shave kit. This kit is paraben free and non-drying!

4. Leather “desert boots”– My mother and my boyfriend’s mother were laughing that “desert boots” are coming back. Back in the day, these boots were for working men and cost little to nothing. Now they are fashionable, sexy and a little more than $15.00.

5. Beanie– whether he is bald or has a full head of hair, every man needs a beanie or hat to cover their head from the bitter cold winds

6. Cologne- Have you ever noticed that men’s cologne commercials are geared toward women. That is because WE are the ones who pick it for them, or they buy it with us in mind. They want to smell sexy for us and we want them to smell good around us. Cologne is a must on any man’s christmas list, whether he has a full bottle or not, it’s never wrong to have back up.

mom in life

Now it’s time for your mother or your boyfriend’s mother. They are the most impossible women to please I feel. However, I have found that these few items never seem to disappoint. If you look in their linen closet wayyyy in the back they will have an inventory of soy candles you’ve given them over the years; but hey, at least they didn’t exchange or throw them away.

1. A Cozy Sweater– a simple, monotone color.

2. Soy Candle– Moms are all about making the world a better place for their little cubs, so why not get them a soy candle. It’s eco-friendly, biodegradable, lasts longer and burns cleaner than a normal candle.

3. Body Scrub– Some women do not age as well as others, so there are all these products out there to keep the body looking and feeling young. A tub of body scrub can help keep the skin glowing and smooth.

4. Scarf– A gift that older women, and young women alike, can’t get enough of. While the younger crowd may be into the blanket scarves and chunky infinity scarves, older women usually stay true to the classic pashmina or cashmere versions

girl in life

This list is really my Christmas list, but I’m sure the lucky lady in your life is craving at least one thing on this list as well. Whether it be the trending blanket scarf, or the London style duster coat, she’ll love it all.

1. Blanket Scarf 2. Duster Coat 3. Watch 4. Timberland boots 5. Jogger pants 6. Ankle Boots 7. Thigh high boots 8. Duck Boots 9. Beanie

cook in life

These are gift ideas for the wannabe cook in your life; whether it be your mom, wife or father, these gifts are kitchen essentials.

1. Blender 2. Bar Cart 3. Dutch Oven 4. Knife Set 5. Cast Iron Skillet 6. Food Processor 7. Chopsticks 8. Kitchen decor 9. Wine glasses

That about wraps it up! Hopefully these last minute ideas will help!

Let me know in the comments below what you have gotten your loved ones!

Happy Holidays


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