SweetLife: A Beacon Hill Weekend Recap

Hi Guys!

I’m late, I’m late! for a very important update(d) blog post! My apologies.

Forgive me?

Okay good!

This past weekend was very eventful and I figured I might as well do another weekend recap for all of you who are interested in my weekend shenanigans.

This weekend was the weekend of work holiday parties it seemed.

My holiday party was held at the Seaport World Trade Center in the Seaport area of Boston once again. Beautiful venue with about 2,000 of us (some awkwardly) breaking it down to the “Wobble”.

Did I mention there was an open bar? #winning

friendsholidayparty boyfriendholidayparty

My gorgeous sorority sisters (and co-workers) went together with our boyfriends and had a great night. Although I didn’t do as much dancing as I did last year, I still had a great time with great company.

Unfortunately for my stomach, our night ended with a pit stop to a chinese spot in Southie that also doubled as a Mexican place…..interesting to say the least. Obviously I opted for the burrito, total #BLD (Bad Life Decision)

Next Stop: Cuttys

cuttys roastbeef1000 cuttyspork

I’ve heard great things in regard to this little shop (located on Washington St in Brookline) but had yet to visit it, until this past Saturday morning. I opted for the Roast Beef 1000: slowly roasted beef, crispy shallots, 1000 island dressing and sharp cheddar on a brioche, while my boyfriend opted for the Saturday special (only sold on Saturdays…get it?) of a pork rabe: slow roasted pork, sauteed broccoli rabe and sharp provolone on a sesame seed roll.

The thing that I really love about this place is that on a side wall, written on a chalkboard, they list the local ingredients that they use (bread, eggs, cheese etc) and where they come from. It makes me feel like a good human being that I’m eating local and mostly organic outside of my kitchen.


Next Stop: Beacon Hill

My friend rented a quaint apartment for the week right in the heart of Beacon Hill, in the hustle and bustle of Charles St.

My boyfriend and I spent the weekend with her and her boyfriend to break in the apartment and sight see in our own backyard.

Saturday night consisted of an intense game of Heads Up (the girls won…obviously, we always do) and then dinner at Red Hat where we stayed an hour, or 5, post dinner for some drinks by a heavy handed bartender…not complaining. 

Sunday morning, my friend’s parents took us out for what was supposed to be breakfast (but by the time we were seated it was brunch time) at the iconic Paramount. (Thanks again Mr and Mrs. M!)

The interesting thing about this place, aside from the fact I sat in the same seat/ table that Rondo and Kobe sat just a week prior, is that it has a cafeteria style line up for ordering.

paramountsign paramount

After waiting in the line outside, you finally get into the place only to wait in another line. Once you get to the counter, you order your food and then take your tray. Before you’re seated, your food and mimosa is placed on your tray and you quickly pay at the cash register at the end of the line.

I have to admit, aside from the long line(s), I do love the atmosphere, the food and the fresh orange juice for my fresh mimosa and think it was well worth the wait.

paramountbrekky paramountomlette

One word: BACON! yummmm.

If you have time to kill on a Saturday or Sunday morning, definitely stop by Paramount on Charles St.


While the boyfriends basically moved into The Sevens on Charles St to watch Sunday football, my friend and I roamed around Charles st and visited a few boutique gift stores as well as this delicious cupcake store called: SWEET 

Although I’m not a fan of sweet things, I couldn’t let me friend devour this delicious gingerbread cupcake all alone, now could I?

cupcake2 cupcakesweetsign

While walking around some more and stumbling upon a specialized nut and chocolate store:


and gawking at all the beautiful apartments and townhomes (and imagining ourselves living there as well) we stumbled up a new organic, vegetarian juicery opening up soon!

Pressed, which serves juices made of ingredients such as green grapes, kale, spinach, cucumber and green apples should be opening it’s doors within the next few months.

I will be the first in line!


After a bowl or 3 of my friend’s crock pot beef stew (which I def will be making..except with lamb), the weekend came to an end. I definitely still have so much more to explore in the iconic Beacon Hill neighborhood, and can’t wait!

If you stop by any of the locations, or discover any new ones, let me know!


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