Sweet Eats: Are my fruits REALLY organic (grocery store edition)?


Walking into the grocery store can be a very daunting activity. If you’re anything like me, a person only able to frequent the grocery store during prime-time hours, grocery shopping is anything but glamorous.

I am forever flustered and feel out of place like Kevin McAllister during the supermarket scene in Home Alone.

home alone grocery store

On top of trying not to run over the five-year old who has just gotten loose from his mother’s exhausted grip, or the eighty-five year old grandmother pulling out her magnifying glass to read labels, you have to try and determine what’s organic and what contains a boat load of GMOs (all while not losing your cool).

Intense, right?

Well stress no more! It’s all in the label, or the PLU code, to be exact.

What is a PLU code, you ask?

According to Plucode.com, a “PLU” code, or a price look-up, is a 4 or 5 digit number which has been used by supermarkets to make check-out and inventory control easier. However, the PLU code on fruits and some vegetables also indicates which items are organic and which are genetically modified.


Minds blown, right? I know mine was when I was informed of this useful little sticker.

Now, next time you walk into the grocery store, you walk in there with your head held high, like the b0$$ that you are. You sidestep that terror of a five-year old, and moon walk past the blind granny in aisle 7; and you confidently walk to the produce section and you show them who’s boss. #itsallinthesticker

glen coco


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