Sweet Recipes: Oddles of Zoodles!

I have finally made my way to Bed Bath & Beyond and picked up a Veggetti! This thing is magic, let me tell you.

You can use any elongated, cylindrical shaped vegetable; such as a zucchini or a carrot, or even a potato, to achieve beautifully julienned strands of vegetable

. As you might have guessed from the title, I’ve gone ahead and used zucchinis!

IMG_1999 IMG_2028

The veggetti comes with two ends, one side is for thinner “noodles”, while the other is for thicker ones. I did a mixture of both. With anything in cooking, use caution while operating the veggetti as it does have sharp hardware.

After spiralizing your vegetable, you have the option of boiling your zucchini noodles, or keeping them raw and crisp. I chose the latter.

What I would recommend with this recipe is adding a little bit of salt and pepper directly onto the zoodles; that way it has its own flavor on top of which ever sauce you use on top (if you so choose).

I added some organic, GMO free, tuscan vodka sauce from wholefoods, and ground “white meat” turkey. This recipe is definitely a healthier option to the spaghetti and meat sauce dinner!

IMG_2031 IMG_2030


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