Sweet Recipe: Quick and Easy Chopped Salad


After being locked up in a building all day, shackled to a computer screen, desk and head-set, coming home to make an elaborate meal is the last thing on my mind.

I peek into my fridge and emerge with:

-lettuce wraps

-3 thinly sliced turkey cutlets (I marinated in bbq sauce the night before)

– red onion

-garbanzo beans

-red quinoa

-my roommates vegan Caesar dressing (I asked her permission first)

What could I make with these ingredients? Turkey and quinoa lettuce wraps? Nahhh, not in the mood for that. Think Janelle, think!

And that’s when the idea came to me! In the neighborhood where I was born in New Jersey (and where my family still live), there is this corner store deli, Sandwiches Unlimited, that sells amazing chopped salads. The lettuce is crisp and the deli meat is thinly sliced to an almost paper-like appearance. In front of you, the deli master (I’ll call him that for blog post purposes) swiftly chops all the ingredients that you have personally request. Then atop the salad, he drizzles, or drenches, your choice of creamy dressing. Heaven.

This recipe is simple, easy and quick. It was ready in 15 minutes. Saving you plenty of time to kick back, relax and watch your favorite star competing on some dancing show.

First, I cooked my turkey cutlets in a wok, allowing the hickory flavors of the BBQ sauce to infuse into the cutlet.

At the same time, I was setting up my salad station: chopping the lettuce wraps and slicing my red onion. In a mixing bowl, I combined the chopped lettuce, crisp red onions, organic garbanzo beans (from a can), and 2 cups of my already cooked quinoa.

After about 10 minutes (thin turkey cutlets cook quickly) remove the turkey and let them cool for a bit. Once they are cooled to the point you’re able to handle them, grab your knife and chop the smoking turkey into tiny pieces (as big or as tiny as you’d like).

Add your meat to the mixing bowl and toss the ingredients together, transforming it into a dazzling healthy and digestable rainbow.  Drizzle on your Caesar dressing, and SERVE!


It is super simple and tastes like you went to Sandwiches Unlimited and were served on a white table cloth by candle light by the deli master himself.

Trust me, you’ll be making this many work nights to come.

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