Sweet Recipe: Red Quinoa and Turkey Sausage Stir Fry


Stir-fry: frying rapidly over high heat while stirring briskly.

In the past when I would make stir fry I would use brown rice and eggs etc. This time, I’ve decided to go a healthier step further and use red quinoa and organic italian spicy turkey sausage.

This is a quick 20 minute meal that you can whip up after a long days work.

You will want to cook your quinoa first (follow the instructions on the box)


You will need: 1 turkey sausage link cut up into small pieces. 2 cups of your already cooked quinoa, 1 cup mushrooms, 1 cup snap peas, 1 cup red onions and 1 bell pepper sliced. (optional: low sodium soy sauce and ground pepper)

First you will want to quickly saute the turkey sausage in a pan using grape seed oil. Cook it mostly through (about 7 minutes), then set aside.

In a wok (with grape seed oil), add your vegetables (if you don’t want to use bell peppers or mushrooms, you can also use carrots, zucchini etc) and stir it around while it softens. After about 5 minutes, you can add your turkey sausage and continue to stir fry everything until the meat is thoroughly cooked through, about 8 more minutes.

While stirring briskly, add some pepper, your onions and low sodium soy sauce. About 1 tbsp. We add the onions last minute because we want it to still have a crunch/bite to it.

Turn your fire off, and then add your already cooked quinoa. The left over heat will warm up the quinoa while you stir everything together.


What is your favorite type of stir fry that you make into a healthier option? Tag me on twitter @thesweetscene and on instagram @thesweetsceneblog, and make sure to hashtag #thesweetsceneblog and #loveyourbody.


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