SweetFit: BootCamp & Barre Class

I am a girl who loves to eat wholesome food. I am also a girl who wishes she were able to run 3 miles 3 times a week…and enjoy it.

I’ll admit, I am not an avid fitness junkie, but my #loveyourbody mantra not only includes eating right, it means staying active too! So I’ve decided to sign up for the upcoming Spartan Race at Fenway, and what better way to kickstart training than with a bootcamp/barre class?

Earlier this week, my good friend and I signed up for the class put on by Eventbrite Boston. A bunch of us women put on our best and bright work out gear, grabbed our yoga mats and made our way to Athleta on Newbury St.


I did not know what I was getting myself into. The night consisted of amazing music by a live DJ, high intensity work-outs and lots and lots of sweating. The instructor, Meaghan Scannell, was up-beat and made each move look so easy; like she was a gazelle moving across the wooden floors.

After an hour, and every muscle in my body (muscles I didn’t even know I had) stretched and toned, the sweating part concluded.

After the work out, we were treated with little tastings by 2 of my favorite organic companies, Sweetgreen and Organic Living Superfoods. My friend and I tasted (and then re-tasted for good measure) everything; Sweetgreen salads and an assortment of all the raw & organic options Organic Living had to offer. I even tried mulberries for the first time!

IMG_1562 IMG_1566

We then washed it down with my new favorite juicery: CocoBeet! They offer raw, vegan and gluten free options. Cold pressed juices, salads, vegan sandwiches and breakfast bowls are some of the items that you can purchase. Interested in going on a juice cleanse? They offer a program for that as well!

IMG_1588 IMG_1630 IMG_1631

Have any of you tried a barre class? Tell me what you thought of it! What other work out classes/ routines do you do?

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